Event 2017

Catering and Tourism Training Institute (CTTI)

Event 2017    






Catering and tourism training center is the pioneer government owned educational institution that plays a crucial role for the last five decades for tourism and hospitality industry development in Ethiopia. The major function of catering and tourism training institute is providing and undertaking training, research and consultancy service for tourism and hotel sector development.

Among the works done by CTTI, engaging trainee’s 70 % practical skill and the remaining 30% with soft skill is found. Trainees are attending event planning and management competences both theoretically and practically, which is a newly introduced sector of MICE (Meetings, Conventions and Events) in our country. MICE contributes a lot to the growth of tourism industry and creates more job opportunities. As a result, trainees of CTTI practice by doing practically in the annual event which has been taking place for fifth time.


 EVENT 2017 Objectives

  • To create an opportunity that enhance strong relationship of Catering and Tourism Training Institute with tour operators, event organizers, hotels, government and Non-governmental organizations
  • To build students confidence by allowing them to participate in practical work and provide them opportunity to meet their potential employers
  • To enhance the visibility of the institute to the public.


  • Event 2017 Motto

“Peace for Tourism and Tourism for Our Renaissance!”


  1. Event 2017 Message
  • Sustainable peace for tourism development
  • Strive for excelled domestic tourism development
  • Ethiopia, Land of Origins with Healthy Tourism
  • The first walk for sustainable tourism development
  • Let’s Care our heritage for rapid tourism development


  1. Event 2007 Week

It starts May 14 and ends May 18 2017

  1. Event 2017 Major Activities

This weekly tourism and hospitality event has the following major activities also will take over throughout the event.

  • Cultural and modern dance competition for Gona Award by sub cities
  • Panel Discussion
  • Exhibition
  • Soccer game, football, athletics, table tennis and other sports
  • Cultural festival
  • Cultural parade
  • Cultural costume contest
  • Tour Guide Competition
  • Culinary competition
  • Beauty Contest
  • Painting competition
  • Idol competition
  • Essay and poem writing competition
  • Cultural music instrument competition
  • Award and Acknowledgment program
  • Food preparation
  • Food and beverage service
  • Cleaning Campaign
  • Foreign food, pastries, hospitality, cocktail,fruit & vegetables and also Ethiopian cultural food{nation nationality food} competition


Catering and Tourism Training Institute (CTTI)

Telephone: – +251-011-5-51-31-44


E.mail: ctti@ethionet.et

Facebook page :cttipir

Twitter page: CTTI@ twitter

website:  www.cttiedu.org

P.O.Box 4350


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